The trait “Brightness” allows you to control the brightness of a device in percent.

Fitting device types

These device types could be combined well with this trait:

  • Lights (e.g. combined with “On and Off”)

Action topics

The gBridge service publishes the brightness as an integer number inbetween 0 and 100 (inclusive), representing the desired brightness in percent, when you say a voice command.

Status topics

Your application should publish the current device brightness to the status topic everytime it changes. Data from the status topic is cached and used to response to questions about the device state from Google.

You may publish integer values inbetween 0 and 100.

Other commands

  • Turn on/ off {light name}

  • Dim {light name}

  • Brighten (the) {light name}

  • Set {light name} to x %

  • Brighten/ Dim {light name} by x %

  • Turn on/ off lights in {room name}

  • Is {light name} turned on?