Domoticz integration

Gert-Jan “giejay” Compagner has developed a plugin for Domoticz that allows easy integration:


Always look in giejay’s repository for up-to-date setup instructions.

Currently, you need to follow these steps:

  • Clone the repository in the plugin folder of your Domoticz instance:

    cd domoticz/plugins
    git clone
  • Restart Domoticz

  • Add a new “gBridge” item in the hardware page. Enter these settings for the hosted gBridge service:

MQTT server address:
MQTT username:gbridge-u{userid} (Shown in “My Account” in your accounts dashboard)
MQTT password:As set. Is your gBridge account’s password by default, but may be set independently in your account’s dashboard.
MQTT base topic:
gBridge URL:
gBridge Username:
 Your account’s mail address
gBridge Password:
 Your account’s password