Device TypesΒΆ

The following device types are currently supported by gBridge:

Light:A smart lightbulb, for instance
Outlet:A switchable outlet
Switch:A general definition for all kinds of switching devices
Scene:Triggers pre-configured settings for various lights/ thermostats/ etc., e.g. for different moods
Thermostat:Device that controls the heating, ventilation or an air conditioner.
Fan:Ventilation and fan devices
AC Units:
Air Purifier:Air purifying devices
Sprinkler:Garden Sprinklers and watering devices
Door:Doors that can be opened/ closed
Shutter and Blinds:
 Darkening systems
Vacuum:e.g. vacuum robots that can be started/ stopped
Washer:Generic washing machine
Camera:Device that can be played back on a streaming device (e.g. a Chromecast)

Device types only provide specific vocabulary and semantics for controlling a device, but do not define any features/ abilities.

Each device supports one or more so called traits. Those are feature sets that the device supports.

In theory, every kind of device could be combined with each kind of trait. However, not every combination is meaningfull and controllable by voice commands.

These traits are supported:

On and Off:Turns a device on or off, obviously
Brightness:Set the brightness percentage of a device
Scene:Trait, that allows this device to be triggered
Temperature Control:
 Enables features that are typical for thermostats and alike
Fan Speed:Ability to set a device to a certain speed setting with a specified name.
Start and Stop:Start and stop a device or a run cycle of it
Open and Close:Open/ close devices to a certain percentage
Camera Stream:Corresponding trait for the camera device. Allows your own stream URL to be viewed on a streaming device (e.g. Chromecast)

Have a look at the individual trait documentation pages for further information about settings and usage.